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... notes the tumbleweed in this journal. Maybe it's time to start writing again (which probably means LJ is about to close but, hey, whatever). Tumblr isn't right for writing - it makes a lovely scrapbook but the format just doesn't work for anything more than quotes. I'm not quite egotistical enough to start a wordpress or similar site for the rather random stuff I've previously put up here. So, back to LJ.

Autumn's here, with a vengeance. Hill repeats in the damp dark up Holywell Hill should win me some sort of karma. But autumn also means sweaters and a tweed jacket, which are warm and comfortable. And the hill repeats were followed by a hot shower which feels like the height of luxury when you come in cold & wet from cycling.

Work is busy, which is good after a rather quiet June/July - the bank account looks a bit less perilous as some clients have actually paid up recently. Self-employment has many benefits but does rather involve the odd sleepless night trying to figure out finances when work is slow or clients are slow to pay.

Everything else is taking a bit of a back seat - reading & knitting mixed in a little, though.

Reading: Crazy Salad - Nora Ephron

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