Mar. 19th, 2007 08:01 pm
Council Regulation EC No. 2157/2001 of 8 October 2001 on the Statute for a European Company (SE) - 'nuff said, I'm still at work.
The Omnivore's Dilemma - Michael Pollan - I loved his earlier books, this one is equally engrossing.

A few books a week or so ago - Euro Deco, the latest Aunt Dimity and some trash to read on a plane, which I left on the plane. Someone else might have some use for it.

Work continues to steamroller just about everything else, although we did get in a flying visit to NYC a week or so back - using up the last vestiges of vacation time (the firm has a April-March vacation year) - and getting a very much needed break. I'm rather more relaxed than I was - not just because of the vacation and the play being over, fun as it was, but because I think I've just given up trying to keep up with work. Now I'm just surfing it - the wave thunders on, and it comes in faster than I can complete it, but hey, whatever. Stressing about it just seems to slow me down. I'll probably tumble sometime soon but, with luck and a fair wind, I'll just paddle back out and get up again. Enough of the lousy metaphors!

Heading for the gym on Saturday (yes, aren't I virtuous? Mostly, actually, I'm trying not to seize up from days in front of a computer) I noticed that my local bookshop seems to have admitted defeat and is having a closing down sale; I suspect that it was defeated not by Amazon and Borders but by the local charity shops - it sold almost entirely second-hand books, not particularly cheaply. The local charity shops are awash with books which, of course, are donated. It's hard to compete with a low cost base like that, and they've clearly decided not to bother any more. I'm somewhat sorry to see them go, partly from nostalgia - they've been there a long time - and partly because I don't much care to see any bookshop close.

[edit} I'm amused that LJ's Google maps link seems to think my location - Work - is in Tennessee. Um, no. Not my work, anyway.
Ok, getting back from Seattle and straight into work has meant a bit of a posting hiatus - although not entirely a reading hiatus

Second Nature - Michael Pollan. Brilliant, fascinating.
Sleeping Murder - Agatha Christie. Another of the Crime Club reprints
Some trashy romance novel, title forgotten, disposed of when finished - tired and braindead but wanted to read. Fit the bill perfectly.
184 exam scripts - and another 200 or so to finish this weekend. Urgh. But then it'll be over until May.

Sleeping Murder - Agatha Christie
The Big Four - Agatha Christie
Murder at the Vicarage - Agatha Christie - another 3 for 2 collection of reprints (no, I'm not obsessed with Ms Christie; the books are very readable, and I really like the reprints - the fonts and design and so on - so I'm collecting the titles I don't already have. Crime novels in general, yes, those I do like!)
Running Diet
Run Fit - both because I need to get back to running; and, of course, the first step to doing something is to read about it ...


Nov. 26th, 2006 11:59 pm
Strata - Terry Pratchett. Almost finished ...
Second Nature - Michael Pollan. I loved A Place of My Own, and this is just as good

Yarn Harlot - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Timeless Simplicity - John Lane (been looking for this for ages!)
The Weekend Book - 2005 anthology
The Provincial Lady in America - E.M. Delafield - which I may already have, but can't find anyway
Vernon - Osmond Beckwith
Second Nature - Michael Pollan
Murder at the ABA - Isaac Asimov
Murder at the Portland Variety - M.J.Zellnick
The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop - Lewis Buzbee
The Crime At Black Dudley - Marjorie Allingham
Mystery Mile - Marjorie Allingham.
Something on kitchen garden cooking - it's downstairs and I'm too lazy to go and check what it was.

It's snowing at SeaTac right now; the airport trucks are making tracks in the slush and traffic on the I-5 coming into the airport was decidedly slow. The Elliot Bay Bookstore and Seattle Mystery Bookstore made some good profits today!

Later: I didn't get as much read on the plane as I thought I might, since I did actually manage to get some sleep (love British Airways: seats at the front of the section, lots of leg room).

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