Feb. 5th, 2015 10:36 pm
Reading. Georgette Heyer, in large quantities. I'm tired - basically exhausted. January was a long month, and February isn't going to feel much better at the current rate of progress. I want to get out on my bike. I want not to be tired.

I want not to whinge, so I'll shut up now.
Looking out of the window at the (rather wild) garden, I noticed that the quince tree which I had thought moribund seemed to have some unusually yellow leaves - unusual because the rest of the leaves haven't even begun to turn colour yet. Then I realised that they aren't leaves, they're ripe quince. This makes me oddly happy for some reason – the tree seemed to have no fruit this year (and last year had only one quince, which fell too early to be of any use). So I have three quince in the kitchen, waiting to be used for … something. Maybe marmelada. Maybe dessert. Maybe chutney (although probably not, as we still have chutney from last year).

In the oven is a vension fall stew (with apples, cider, and assorted root vegetables) slow-cooking its way into dinner. Apple sauce is defrosting, as I think some sort of crumble/crisp is in order with this weather. The apple tree has, as usual, made up for any heretofore-perceived lack of quinces, so I have a freezer half-full of apple sauce. The chutney on the shelf that means that the quince won't make it into more chutney is from last year's apple harvest. It's a small but enthusiastic tree.

Have been debating going out on the bike, but the jetlag that had me sleeping until midday is still making its presence felt, and I'd prefer not to push my luck.

Reading: just finished Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg (an actual book, acquired from the bargain section of Barnes & Noble in Union Square when looking idly around for something to while away the 10 minutes or so when one cannot read an iPad on a plane).


Oct. 6th, 2013 08:46 am

Steaming gently, drinking coffee in Starbucks whilst waiting for the bike hire place to open and drying off from the walk from the T. Wondering why I'm even still contemplating the ride, watching the rain drip from umbrellas. It was sluicing off the roof of Quincy Market as I walked past.

Reading: random news sites in my phone

... notes the tumbleweed in this journal. Maybe it's time to start writing again (which probably means LJ is about to close but, hey, whatever). Tumblr isn't right for writing - it makes a lovely scrapbook but the format just doesn't work for anything more than quotes. I'm not quite egotistical enough to start a wordpress or similar site for the rather random stuff I've previously put up here. So, back to LJ.

Autumn's here, with a vengeance. Hill repeats in the damp dark up Holywell Hill should win me some sort of karma. But autumn also means sweaters and a tweed jacket, which are warm and comfortable. And the hill repeats were followed by a hot shower which feels like the height of luxury when you come in cold & wet from cycling.

Work is busy, which is good after a rather quiet June/July - the bank account looks a bit less perilous as some clients have actually paid up recently. Self-employment has many benefits but does rather involve the odd sleepless night trying to figure out finances when work is slow or clients are slow to pay.

Everything else is taking a bit of a back seat - reading & knitting mixed in a little, though.

Reading: Crazy Salad - Nora Ephron

4am alarm

Aug. 3rd, 2013 10:00 pm

The cycling is easy, it's the stupidly early start that's giving me a sense of humour failure. I'm doing the RideLondon100 with 19,999 other cyclists (give or take a few ...) tomorrow & logistics for my set start time means leaving at 5am, so waking at 4am (I need coffee & porridge!)

Still, should be an experience - cycling through London on closed roads!

Have been rather remiss with progress here (updates on Twitter instead), but can say that Mordor was achieved yesterday. Apparently one can simply cycle into Mordor.

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Work and procrastination and so on and so forth, but I'm back on the bike. Out at dawn this morning, cycling east on the outward loop, into a gorgeous morning.

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Flight is going, the hotel has power, so it looks like I'm off to New York tomorrow. Will be interesting ...

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Work. More work. Opera (backstage, not singing). Not enough cycling. The opera was a new piece - all remarkably calm and non-meltdown in production. I loved it (doing the production. Still can't see the point of opera as an art form).

I have signed up for the Ride Across Britain (aka John O'Groats to Lands' End by bike via Every Single Hill We Can Find - judging by the elevation profile). This is in an attempt to ensure I actually get out on the bike.

Reading: client papers, to prepare skeleton argument to be filed at court by Monday pm (but will be in parts West on Monday so it actually has to be done by Monday morning). Also reading Adam Gopnik in the New Yorker.

Books bought: none today, tho' Amazon has told me that the book I ordered on Eichler some time back has been dispatched.

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Nov. 21st, 2011 04:09 pm
Well on the way on the East Road - by way of the Burke-Gilman trail and Recycled Cycles in Seattle - awesome, just fabulous. As is the Elliott Bay Bookstore, as ever.

Reading: oh, lots of stuff, mostly on Kindle app
Bought: Driving Home by Jonathan Raban and Bicycle Times


Oct. 22nd, 2011 08:17 pm
A busy week, so only a couple of trips out – and todays was more of an errand, going to look at a new car.  Mine has, I think, got to the point of being more expensive to run than is worthwhile: fixing the problems it has now would cost the same as a year's payments on a new car.  Who knows what else might crop up in the meantime – it's ten years old, and fairly highly-strung, so it's unlikely not to have things going wrong.  I'm a bit sad, as it's a great car when it's running.

Reading: miscellaneous comfort, bits and pieces
Bought: new car (so no new books for a while now ...)


Oct. 16th, 2011 12:23 pm
Through Epping Forest early this morning, all vapour – steam breath huffing from horses as they stood in fields; woodsmoke from chimneys of farmhouses as I pedalled by, and the autumn mists that gradually cleared as the sun rose higher.  It was a gorgeous morning.


Oct. 16th, 2011 07:01 am
Cycling seems to be working – knees twinge a little but it seems to be in the supporting muscles rather than the joint, so I'm hopeful that this is adjustment and strengthening.  So far, no blow-ups (touch wood and other superstitions).  About to head off for a 15 mile ride.

Reading: Snuff - Terry Pratchett
Bought: nothing recently apart from Snuff and something on procrastination that I can't be bothered to look up the title of.


Oct. 4th, 2011 02:51 pm
Cycling to Mordor now: the optimism of July really didn't last long – about as long as it took for my knee to declare war on my running again.

So, after a certain amount of railing at the vagaries of the universe and generally moping around, I've returned to cycling – partly spurred on by a fabulous day out on a borrowed bike in August, partly by recollection that I did actually like pootling around on a bike when I had one that didn't make the aches and pains worse.

That last part was always going to be difficult.  I did eventually establish that a road bike of some sort was going to work much better for me than the hybrid/mountain bike I had been trying unsuccessfully to get out and use.  Saving doth commence.  Last Friday, some many miles from home, I found the make/model I was saving for at 70% off (ex-demo, 2009 model). Reader, I bought it.  I then threw myself on the mercy of the British rail system, which was in turn sympathetic, and so got my bike home (thank you, East Coast mainline and your guards, their vans, and the bike racks therein!)

Over the last four days, I've almost doubled the distance gained to Mordor. 'Nuff said. But, dear heaven, there are some vicious hills around here.
How in the name of [insert whatever seems appropriate] is it that the last post was the first to be tagged with Laurie R King? Some bizarre weirdness of timing, I suppose.  Must just not have read/re-read any of her novels at the right time. 

Time to re-start noting what I'm reading and buying. At least the Kindle queue doesn't take up space.
Meme via [ profile] lillithj

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Hmm. I'm actually named for Anne Elliott. And not remotely impressed by Hugh Grant (even less so when Alan Rickman is also around).

And in other news, I have long since abandoned hope of reaching Mordor on foot, as knee is not co-operating in any way. Swimming and cycling will need their mileage adding up at some point.

Reading: The Pirate King, by Laurie R King and more Castle fic than is probably good for me.
Purchased: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (on Kindle)


Jul. 6th, 2011 08:52 pm
So far, so good. No knee fallout. A second run this week today, same as Monday (different route, but same timing). I do need to remember to stretch out afterwards though, my quads have been complaining.
Gave in, gave up. Need to move and didn't much fancy fighting the crowds at the pool so have decided to ignore my knee and medical advice. First run since the too-close encounter with a sleeping policeman went better than I had expected (1 min run/1.5 min walk x 8).

I await the consequences tomorrow, although I haven't had a major knee blow-up for about six weeks now …
Grousing and general grumbles of unhappiness.  Running to Mordor is to be replaced by pedalling to Mordor and splashing to Mordor - the intermittent swelling in my left knee reached rather epic proportions late last week; I thought it hadn't properly recovered from the bashing it got in connection with the sleeping policeman.  This trip to the hospital, however, the medics decided to see fit to tell me what had been found on the x-rays last time (apparently the pictures had been reviewed after I was last in and I would be receiving a letter "sometime"). I've got osteoarthritis in the left knee, it's getting worse, and that's why it blows up like a balloon every so often.  I can look forward to more of the same unless I'm careful, and that means no more running.  

I might be prepared to ignore them, if it wasn't for the fact that this time I couldn't walk - at all.  I can usually manage to hobble around a bit but this time I couldn't hold any weight on my left leg at all - three days later, I can only just about manage the stairs (and I live in a three storey house, so that's been interesting).  So I'm going to switch to cycling/swimming, as non-impact stuff should be ok and is in fact positively encouraged.

Book meme

Mar. 5th, 2011 09:05 am
 As this is (nominally) a LJ of reading, I thought I'd swipe the book meme that [info]azdak posted:

The book I am currently reading:  England's Mistress, by Kate Willams - about Emma Hamilton.  Bought at random in Waterstones because it was World Book Day and I was going to buy an actual book in an actual bookshop, darnit.   I know nothing about Emma Hamilton beyond the fact that she was Nelson's lover, so it's interesting to find out more.  The book's well written and does, thankfully, seem to make it clear where they are extrapolating from the known experiences of other people in a similar situation (as to childhood/teenage etc experiences) rather than discussing something actually known about Emma.

The book I am currently writing: another tax book - on intellectual property, again.

The book I love most: to read, Gaudy Night.  As a physical object, a book on calculus that was my grandfather's at school - it's gorgeous, bound in soft leather with thin pages, and is covered in neat scribbling of his thoughts and questions as he worked through it.

The last book I received as a gift: I have no idea.  People tend not to give me books because they don't know what's already in the 4,000+ here at home.  

The last book I gave as a gift: a book on architecture details, to nephew for his birthday about six weeks ago - he wants to study architecture at Cambridge.

The nearest book on my desk: I have a small desk, there's isn't a book on it, unless you count the books stored on my Kindle app on the iPhone and iPhone?  In which case the open book in the iPhone app is A History of Christianity by Diarmaid MacCulloch and the open book in the iPad app is Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason by a couple of lawyers and I'm too lazy to turn on the iPad to find out their names.  The iPad and iPhone are stacked together, so I can't tell which is nearest.  The nearest physical book is impossible to tell, as the desk in the middle of shelves, there are rather a lot all at the same distance away from the edges!

And finally - still not running yet. My kneecap is still numb in the middle and hypersensitive around the top, so I'm disinclined to stress-test it.  Maybe next week.

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