Cold and dark and grateful for heating. December bit with a vengeance yesterday, with ice on the lakepuddle on the way to work - thick ice, which suggests an odd micro-climate there. It was frosty elsewhere, with the sugar-dipped leaves on the grass that I forgot to cut towards the end of summer, but not obviously ice-cold.

The calendar is slightly frightening; somehow (and I should really know better by now) I'm working on two Christmas plays. Thankfully one is a one-night-only special, and the rehearsals are mostly on separate days, but the next couple of weeks will be a succession of is-it-panto-or-is-it-Treasure-Island-tonight? That said, somewhere in all that I also got 90% on my maths assignment (Open University - it seemed like a good idea at the time ...).

Last night's best rehearsal moment: the Court of Appeal judge who announced that "there are too many ho's in this". The generational gap was evident in looking at those who collapsed with laughter and those who wondered why we were laughing. He's playing one of Snow White's dwarves, by the way. Hi-ho, ho-ho ... wanders off to work, whistling

Reading: The Tax Lawyer - American Bar Association. For curiosity mostly, as my insurers would have a fit if I tried to actually advise on US tax law.

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