Feb. 11th, 2011 08:14 am
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 Silence in this context means that, yes, I did go out and run on Tuesday evening.  Unfortunately, I managed to run myself into the ground in a rather more literal sense than usually meant by that phrase.  An unhelpfully placed sleeping policeman in a dark spot made a really good tripwire, and I have an increasingly-technicolour knee (it's taken 48 hours for the bruising to start to surface) and other scrapes, aches and pains.  It was painful enough that I eventually took myself off to minor injuries to make sure that I hadn't done anything that would be aggravated by my trying to walk on it (I haven't; my kneecap is still intact).  The delayed onset muscle soreness kicked in with a vengeance yesterday, and I still feel somewhat as though I have been hit by a truck - which I haven't.  I have no recollection of the moments between being vertical and running, and being horizontal and not running, but I am certain they didn't involve a truck.

All of which is a little bit irritating, but so be it - a few days off is what it is.  It's still going to be less time off than the hobbits had at Elrond, and in the meantime, my ankle has got a lot better.
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