Mar. 14th, 2011

Grousing and general grumbles of unhappiness.  Running to Mordor is to be replaced by pedalling to Mordor and splashing to Mordor - the intermittent swelling in my left knee reached rather epic proportions late last week; I thought it hadn't properly recovered from the bashing it got in connection with the sleeping policeman.  This trip to the hospital, however, the medics decided to see fit to tell me what had been found on the x-rays last time (apparently the pictures had been reviewed after I was last in and I would be receiving a letter "sometime"). I've got osteoarthritis in the left knee, it's getting worse, and that's why it blows up like a balloon every so often.  I can look forward to more of the same unless I'm careful, and that means no more running.  

I might be prepared to ignore them, if it wasn't for the fact that this time I couldn't walk - at all.  I can usually manage to hobble around a bit but this time I couldn't hold any weight on my left leg at all - three days later, I can only just about manage the stairs (and I live in a three storey house, so that's been interesting).  So I'm going to switch to cycling/swimming, as non-impact stuff should be ok and is in fact positively encouraged.

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