Oct. 13th, 2013

Looking out of the window at the (rather wild) garden, I noticed that the quince tree which I had thought moribund seemed to have some unusually yellow leaves - unusual because the rest of the leaves haven't even begun to turn colour yet. Then I realised that they aren't leaves, they're ripe quince. This makes me oddly happy for some reason – the tree seemed to have no fruit this year (and last year had only one quince, which fell too early to be of any use). So I have three quince in the kitchen, waiting to be used for … something. Maybe marmelada. Maybe dessert. Maybe chutney (although probably not, as we still have chutney from last year).

In the oven is a vension fall stew (with apples, cider, and assorted root vegetables) slow-cooking its way into dinner. Apple sauce is defrosting, as I think some sort of crumble/crisp is in order with this weather. The apple tree has, as usual, made up for any heretofore-perceived lack of quinces, so I have a freezer half-full of apple sauce. The chutney on the shelf that means that the quince won't make it into more chutney is from last year's apple harvest. It's a small but enthusiastic tree.

Have been debating going out on the bike, but the jetlag that had me sleeping until midday is still making its presence felt, and I'd prefer not to push my luck.

Reading: just finished Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg (an actual book, acquired from the bargain section of Barnes & Noble in Union Square when looking idly around for something to while away the 10 minutes or so when one cannot read an iPad on a plane).

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