Quiet weekend after a family overdose; remind me never again to go on holiday without a car (mine or rental, I'm not fussy, I just want wheels). Working my way through laundry, otherwise taking a bit of the weekend off before the onslaught of the week and rather a lot of deadlines coming up.

Reading: Cryoburn - Lois McMaster Bujold (finished it, to be accurate - the advance reader copy that Baen has up for sale in eBook format). I love how Miles has grown up, and Roic too, and how the relationship between m'twisty lord and his armsman has developed. More than that would be spoilers, so I won't.

Otherwise vacation reading was more Ngaio Marsh and a couple of sale and purchase agreements with associated tax warranties and covenants. "Vacation" has a peculiar meaning when you're self-employed, and mobile broadband is a mixed blessing.
Hoarse from lecturing for six hours; still oddly bemused by the brass band playing in the park outside my window at work when I got back from lecturing. Exploring the wonders of Ngaio Marsh on Kindle (yes, I have all them in physical form but - like DLS - there's a comfort factor involved).

Leftover mac and cheese for dinner. Life is good.
Wandered homewards via Mecklenburg Square. There were people in the Square garden playing tennis, energetically if rather erratically. The continuity across decades was rather comforting.

Reading: Death on the Air - the Ngaio Marsh kick continues.
Working. A lot. Deadlines have all come crowding in, for opinions and articles and lions and tigers, oh my.

Reading: Final Curtain by Ngaio Marsh. Have something of a Rory/Troy thing going on at the moment, possibly brought on by finding an audiobook of Five Red Herrings read by Patrick Malahide (which is lovely), and remembering just how delicious he was as Roderick Alleyn - and still is, thanks to the wonders that are the DVD and iTunes. The series is a treat for the next vacation, I think. The books are filling in odd moments, when I really can't take the legislation any more.
Random drive-by update, as I had to log in to comment elsewhere. Work, some more work, and some knitting (http://www.girlfromauntie.com/patterns/shop/rogue/detail.php - body and hood done, first sleeve started).

Reading: Last Ditch - Ngaio Marsh. Not the best of her books, but still quite fun. I've been watching the BBC "Inspector Alleyn Mysteries" DVDs as well; against rather a lot of other reviewers, I like them a lot, possibly because I see them as an adjunct to the books rather than an attempt to reproduce the books directly. Yes, they take hideous liberties with the stories and Troy's hair needs to be shorter, but I do like Patrick Malahide as Alleyn. Belinda Lang is also good as Troy, and when the relationship does finally get going between them, the chemistry does seem to be there.

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