Feb. 11th, 2011 08:14 am
 Silence in this context means that, yes, I did go out and run on Tuesday evening.  Unfortunately, I managed to run myself into the ground in a rather more literal sense than usually meant by that phrase.  An unhelpfully placed sleeping policeman in a dark spot made a really good tripwire, and I have an increasingly-technicolour knee (it's taken 48 hours for the bruising to start to surface) and other scrapes, aches and pains.  It was painful enough that I eventually took myself off to minor injuries to make sure that I hadn't done anything that would be aggravated by my trying to walk on it (I haven't; my kneecap is still intact).  The delayed onset muscle soreness kicked in with a vengeance yesterday, and I still feel somewhat as though I have been hit by a truck - which I haven't.  I have no recollection of the moments between being vertical and running, and being horizontal and not running, but I am certain they didn't involve a truck.

All of which is a little bit irritating, but so be it - a few days off is what it is.  It's still going to be less time off than the hobbits had at Elrond, and in the meantime, my ankle has got a lot better.


Feb. 5th, 2011 10:45 pm
Reading previous posts ... I ran on Monday?  Really?  Huh.  This has been an odd week.  I could have sworn I hadn't run since Friday.  The Garmin says the last run was Monday was well.  I'm not as far off the wagon as I thought, then - and makes the sustained run/pace less admirable ;)  

I'm still going to repeat this week's run/pace workout plan, rather than moving on.  Particularly as I don't think I should stress the ankle until it's been seen by someone who has more of a clue whether I'm damaging it than I do.


Feb. 5th, 2011 10:34 pm
 Fell of the running wagon a little, and haven't run for a week; it felt like it, as well.  Nevertheless, went out and managed to get around - derailed for a minute or so by an unexpected long flight of stairs (it's a long time since I've been to that park!) which didn't help at all. 

Left knee niggled on a downhill, enough to throw my gait off, so that needs watching.  Right ankle has an odd swollen line across the inside, along the line of a ligament - but it doesn't really feel sprained.  The ankle's been a little weird for at least a week, as it was rubbed raw at the point where the swelling line now crosses - rubbed raw by a broken-in but not battered pair of walking shoes which are normally pretty comfortable.  I wonder whether I've done something peculiar to the ligament; the ankle certainly doesn't feel sprained, just a bit battered.  Maybe just overuse - so I'm going to take myself off to the doctor at some point this week, just to check that running isn't a wholly silly idea.  

The trip to Mordor may continue by swimming for the next few days.


Jan. 31st, 2011 08:00 pm
 Another day, another few miles.  At least I'm getting somewhere; in the grand re-reading, the motley crew are stuck in the Council of Elrond.  A couple of days off, to accommodate travels and visits, proves to have been rather a good thing, as I was feeling rather good whilst running (not gasping and wheezing) and ran up a couple of hills (see previous brackets).

I am re-reading the Tome, in an effort to figure out where I am in the running and ... you know, it's really rather boring <waits for lightning to strike, then peers out cautiously>.  Endless then-this-then-that-then-long-fancy-name-then-weirdo-character.  Repeat.  Rinse.  Repeat again. Struggling to spot any character development.  It's all a bit unicorns against dark swirling clouds of stars, really.  Is this heresy?  I did read it as a teenager - I think it's about 20 years since I last re-read it - and I don't recall thinking it was all that marvellous then.  The years have not improved my opinion of it. 

Will plough on, if only to see whether I can find whatever groove others do in it.


Jan. 28th, 2011 01:49 pm
No, I haven't run 5 miles today - I'm just not posting every day.  I've run today, and I ran yesterday - 2.5ish miles each day.  Am now a little pissed off with my Garmin, having realised that it's accuracy is way off at times.  It seems to have got today's run more or less right, which means the really good run I thought I did the other day ... wasn't.  It wasn't bad either, just not as good as it seemed at the time.  Never mind, progress is being made.


Jan. 25th, 2011 11:01 pm
I've decided that this whole running lark needs some focus - and I'm not ready for races yet.  So, shamelessly taking the idea from [livejournal.com profile] truepenny I've decided that I'm running (well, jogging right now) to Mordor, and started on January 1st this year (yes, yes, I re-started the whole running lark in October, but 1st January seemed like a better point to start from.  And I want to see the scenery as I go past).  The route I'm taking is www.ooblick.com/text/tomordor/.

Today's run took me to 27 miles this year (yay, I've run a marathon this month!), so I'm well out of Hobbiton past The Water and Bywater and now on the East Road towards Frogmorton with about 30 miles to go.

Believe me, Frodo will get there a lot faster than I will. 
Desk. Computer. Run. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat.

Reading: tax law. Lots and lots of tax law. I have deadlines and not enough time.
Happy New Year to all!

and it's still **snow**ing.
It's been a duvet sort of a day; cold and raining, enough to make the day seem dark even when it was supposed to be light. I've been knitting and reading, and idly puttering around the internet; lazy Sunday. Apart from a quick run - back on a training program again, to get back to running without stressing ankles and knees and the rest. I've been jogging off and on all year, but decided to take it a little more seriously about 5 weeks ago, to run to some purpose.

I want to hibernate.
Watched "The Song of Lunch" on iPlayer. Why don't we make more television like this?
Quiet weekend after a family overdose; remind me never again to go on holiday without a car (mine or rental, I'm not fussy, I just want wheels). Working my way through laundry, otherwise taking a bit of the weekend off before the onslaught of the week and rather a lot of deadlines coming up.

Reading: Cryoburn - Lois McMaster Bujold (finished it, to be accurate - the advance reader copy that Baen has up for sale in eBook format). I love how Miles has grown up, and Roic too, and how the relationship between m'twisty lord and his armsman has developed. More than that would be spoilers, so I won't.

Otherwise vacation reading was more Ngaio Marsh and a couple of sale and purchase agreements with associated tax warranties and covenants. "Vacation" has a peculiar meaning when you're self-employed, and mobile broadband is a mixed blessing.
Hoarse from lecturing for six hours; still oddly bemused by the brass band playing in the park outside my window at work when I got back from lecturing. Exploring the wonders of Ngaio Marsh on Kindle (yes, I have all them in physical form but - like DLS - there's a comfort factor involved).

Leftover mac and cheese for dinner. Life is good.
Wandered homewards via Mecklenburg Square. There were people in the Square garden playing tennis, energetically if rather erratically. The continuity across decades was rather comforting.

Reading: Death on the Air - the Ngaio Marsh kick continues.
Working. A lot. Deadlines have all come crowding in, for opinions and articles and lions and tigers, oh my.

Reading: Final Curtain by Ngaio Marsh. Have something of a Rory/Troy thing going on at the moment, possibly brought on by finding an audiobook of Five Red Herrings read by Patrick Malahide (which is lovely), and remembering just how delicious he was as Roderick Alleyn - and still is, thanks to the wonders that are the DVD and iTunes. The series is a treat for the next vacation, I think. The books are filling in odd moments, when I really can't take the legislation any more.
Knee is rebelling; the one not operated on. I'm hoping there isn't another epidural in my future - but definitely no running for a few days.

Reading: Miles in Love - Lois McMaster Bujold again. Comfort reading.

"And we know the sex is great because Harriet doesn’t get around to sourcing the quotation for ten whole days." Fabulous quote.
Cold and dark and grateful for heating. December bit with a vengeance yesterday, with ice on the lakepuddle on the way to work - thick ice, which suggests an odd micro-climate there. It was frosty elsewhere, with the sugar-dipped leaves on the grass that I forgot to cut towards the end of summer, but not obviously ice-cold.

The calendar is slightly frightening; somehow (and I should really know better by now) I'm working on two Christmas plays. Thankfully one is a one-night-only special, and the rehearsals are mostly on separate days, but the next couple of weeks will be a succession of is-it-panto-or-is-it-Treasure-Island-tonight? That said, somewhere in all that I also got 90% on my maths assignment (Open University - it seemed like a good idea at the time ...).

Last night's best rehearsal moment: the Court of Appeal judge who announced that "there are too many ho's in this". The generational gap was evident in looking at those who collapsed with laughter and those who wondered why we were laughing. He's playing one of Snow White's dwarves, by the way. Hi-ho, ho-ho ... wanders off to work, whistling

Reading: The Tax Lawyer - American Bar Association. For curiosity mostly, as my insurers would have a fit if I tried to actually advise on US tax law.
working from home, listening to the rain. The train drivers on my route are working to rule, and the schedule is a mess of cancellations and late-running trains so - as I had no meetings, and I keep copies of everything in the cloud - I decided to commute to the study downstairs instead. It feels less like playing truant than it used to.

At some point today, I will go for a run. Probably once the rain has eased off.

Reading: Telling Tales - Melissa Katsoulis (a history of literary hoaxes, with a great cover)
Fog blanket morning; porridge with bananas and raisins; coffee steaming gently, as the heating hasn't made much of a dent in the cold. No run this morning, it's a rest day as I'm trying to ease back to fitness gently, to at least try and minimise the risk of objections and refusals from joints and other parts.

Outside my room at work now is the chapel, wherein there is a new organ. Yesterday passed in a succession of practices and odd notes as the tuners settle it in. It takes a month to tune an organ, it seems, so I have a few more days of background music.

I have my gown now, a thing of wonder and beauty and miscellaneous folds and buttons and history. The wig can wait until I need one; the gown is needed for dinner in Hall and sufficient other formalities that it seemed better to buy than to rent. Practicalities aside, the symbolism meant something.

The rediscovery of a love of learning, of researching, is just glorious. No timesheets, no targets - the client deadlines are mine to manage in any way that I want, so there's little obstacle to digging into obscure facts and tangents, to reading cases settled over 150 years ago and wonder about the lives of the people whose dispute has passed into legal history. I find I can think again, find links and develop theories, and not be constrained by petty mismanagement. Which is not to say that the mortgage no longer needs to be paid, to be prosaic, but I choose how I get there. I've underestimated choice for a long time.

Reading: Murder Must Advertise - Dorothy L Sayers (the Wimsey kick continues), and countless caselaw on domicile.

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